Harris Cork

Harris Cork is a renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly resource.

Why Harris Cork?

Comfortable, Warmer & Quieter

When standing or walking, cork absorbs impact and cushions the body better than other hard surfaces.

Cork’s sound and thermal insulation properties make for a quieter room and help reduce energy costs.

Durable & Long Lasting

Extra resistance against dents, with a natural tendency to bounce back.

Requires no on site finishing. Durable factory applied ceramic or urethane finish protects floor during normal foot traffic.

Versatile & Easy to Install

Install in most rooms on any level of the home.

Built-in cushioning underlayment. Planks lock together without adhesive, and floating installation allows cork flooring to go over any clean, flat, dry and sound subfloor.

Qualifies for 4 LEED Points:

– MR4.1 – Recycled Content: 2 Points
– MR 6 – Rapidly Renewable Materials: 1 Point
– ID 1 – Innovation in Design: 1 Point

Sound Ratings

– STC Sound Transmission Class ASTM E413-87 db 66
– 1 IC Impact Insulation Class E492-04 db 75
Note: Tested with a 8” thick concrete slab & drop ceiling


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