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New Harris Cork Wall Tiles

Add dramatic natural cork texture to walls to create visual interest. Excellent for use on any dry / level / flat wall surface, on any level, and in any room of the home.

  • Easy to install using a high quality contact cement.
  • Natural cork can be used to create a unique look – calming / to bold & dramatic – no two tiles are identical. Shade and surface irregularities enhance the organic appeal of this wall covering.
  • Enhances room comfort. Natural Cork’s thermal insulation properties help to retain heating or cooling throughout the seasons.
  • Naturally absorbs sound. Natural Cork will provide a quieter room environment.
  • Requires no on site finishing. Matte luster wax coated finish provides the perfect light reflection for any room and helps to protect the tile from natural aging.
  • Environmentally sustainable. Natural Cork’s bark harvesting process is performed by craftsmen every nine years with hand axes never harming the tree prolonging the tree’s life often for more than 200 years.
  • 1/8” Thick X 23-5/8” Width X 11-13/16” Length Wall Tiles

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